haha late night spending to cope with depression yeet

also I was going to buy this on Amazon or eBay for... $68 plus tax... yeah, glad I went to Lenovo's website. Found a coupon too.

>trackpoint keyboard
Why would you even get something like that?
I don't like my keyboards feeling like mashed potatoes.

@camedei456 The keyboards on the ThinkPad T440/X240 and up are honestly quite nice to type on and the trackpoint is something I've been wanting to use on my desktop for quite a long while

Must be Chiclets. I've had bad experiences with chiclets, and they're still membranes as well.
I'm sitting here typing this on a Glorious PC keyboard with white Kailh Box keys and they're feeling good. Also, this board's lasted me about 2 years now.

@camedei456 I have a wonderful keyboard with OUTEMU Blue switches I've used for over four years now, but personally I am fine moving over to the worse quality (albeit still fine to type on switches) if it means I can use a tracknub!

@camedei456 plus I need more keyboards in general anyway

I've had bad experiences with trackpointers.
I use a trackball (Kensington Expert), and am sitting on a pack of 120 blue Gateron keys that I got with this board. They aren't installed in anything right now, though.
I also have a cheapo Chinese keyboard that has blue Outemu switches (it was the Motospeed CK104). That Motospeed was my first mechanical keyboard, by the way.

@amic i'd love one of these if they came in the old keyboard style.

@loki They used to make them with the older design, you can find factory new old stock ones from Hong Kong on eBay for around $75 to $85

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