OK, so have any of you actually had experience with US Healthcare vs socialized health care? I used to think socialized Healthcare was great, untill I moved to a country that has it.


@yisraeldov US healthcare is the reason why I ended up not going to the hospital when I was hit by a van in 2018 as I couldn't afford health insurance. I'd rather deal with socialized healthcare even if it is slower and worse quality, as at least I'll actually get healthcare and not be in debt.

US healthcare is great, if you aren't poor.

@amic Even if someone is not (already) poor, a serious medical problem is all it takes to completely destroy the finances of almost anyone.

Sucks for you. Have you experienced socialized health care first hand? I am paying now more for health tax than I was paying for health insurance in the US. Socialized Healthcare isn't free, you just don't get a choice.

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