Alright fedi, it's time for you to give me software recommendations!

Does anyone know of a good static site generator that is easy to set up, runs well, and is easily customizable?

I would like to be able to theme things from the ground up so I can focus on writing my own CSS, not overwriting other people's CSS.

Thanks in advance, boosts are appreciated too!


Recommendations so far:

- Pelican
- Hugo

please keep them coming, I'll look at both of these in a moment.

@amic I can't help but recommend Hugo again, as I whole-heartedly love it, but Jekyll is another option.

@amic "Hugo Pelican: the adventurous life of a young bird" ... now you have an idea of something to write about.
@amic I have used Styx, Hugo and Jekyll.

Styx is an esoteric one for Nix addicts. Hugo and Jekyll I consider about equal. Perhaps Hugo is easier to deploy because it's a single go binary whereas Jekyll requires understanding a tiny but about Ruby gems. Unless you're on GitHub Pages where Jekyll is zero setup and is run by them.

There's also ikiwiki.

Basically any SSG I am aware of allows you to emit arbitrary html from your themes and layouts.
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