Alright fedi, it's time for you to give me software recommendations!

Does anyone know of a good static site generator that is easy to set up, runs well, and is easily customizable?

I would like to be able to theme things from the ground up so I can focus on writing my own CSS, not overwriting other people's CSS.

Thanks in advance, boosts are appreciated too!

Recommendations so far:

- Pelican
- Hugo

please keep them coming, I'll look at both of these in a moment.

@amic Pelican. Everything else has been horrible for me.

@amic I can't help but recommend Hugo again, as I whole-heartedly love it, but Jekyll is another option.

@amic "Hugo Pelican: the adventurous life of a young bird" ... now you have an idea of something to write about.
@amic I have used Styx, Hugo and Jekyll.

Styx is an esoteric one for Nix addicts. Hugo and Jekyll I consider about equal. Perhaps Hugo is easier to deploy because it's a single go binary whereas Jekyll requires understanding a tiny but about Ruby gems. Unless you're on GitHub Pages where Jekyll is zero setup and is run by them.

There's also ikiwiki.

Basically any SSG I am aware of allows you to emit arbitrary html from your themes and layouts.

@amic yo it's really mainstream but Jekyll is actually nice if you don't over complicate it

Check out which is the repo for

I followed the getting started tutorial on their site and ignored all the things that seemed overcomplicated like themes or putting my links in a yaml file and iterating over it (seriously WHY), and just wrote my own stuff from the ground up

@artemis @amic jekyll is nice but i dropped it because it's written in ruby and ruby makes me want to commit end existence (final straw was installing the jekyll deps on my shitbook and it taking an hour)

@nik @amic idk my rock64 seemed to handle it fine but like also my patience was tempered in the fiery hells of installing the Lens package for Haskell, and doing multi-day kernel builds on a dual core celeron, so maybe I'm not a good representation

@amic I wrote my own theme for Hugo, was quite simple, but had its quirks. Ask me anything if you run into trouble

@amic pelican and hugo are both good and the only ones that i haven't come out of the experience cursing the very existence of the internet

hexo is awful don't touch it

you can roll your own too, it's pretty easy with any language with a templating system, i've done it a few times cl-yag is cute as heck but i have no idea how well it works in practice

@amic all the rest of the recommendations so far look pretty bloated to be honest. I stuck to projects only using basic system utilities and shell scripts.

@amic I also totally feel you at a deep level about trying to find something where you aren't trying to unfuck some huge and overcomplicated default CSS theme package and tear out unwanted dependencies (for fucks sake, the shit that passes as static site generators these days uses a fuckton of 3rd-party assets and shit).

@thufie I would say this is the main reason I stopped doing programming about a year or two ago, at least in terms of front end development.

@amic If you're an emacser, Hugo has some extremely fluid org mode integrations via a melpa plugin that I can't remember the name of
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