Don't fix or touch someone else's device for free, and be careful when you do so even when you get paid for it. The moment you do anything to that device, even if it's something simple like swapping a cable, you're going to get blamed for any future problems it may have and it becomes your responsibility to fix them or get called an asshole.

I wish I learned this sooner, to say the very least.

Obviously for close friends who have a clear mind and have some understanding about technology I'll let this slide, but you should still be careful and be completely up front about what you're going to do.

I made the mistake of helping the neighbor swap out his dying hard disk in his Xbox One, it went fine, but now it's having issues with the HDMI connector so now I'm probably going to end up swapping that out, which requires desoldering the old one and soldering in a new one. 🙃

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@amic NB: This also happens when you get paid. With one important distinction.

You get paid.

@dredmorbius @amic And this is a huge part of why my answer for my users who ask “do you do any computer work on the side” is “no, sorry”.

Very close friends and certain family members get tech support, that’s it.

I’m not even a fan of giving opinions on what specifically to buy to people I know IRL, except in very narrow circumstances (or for the people that I’d do tech support for), for the simple reason that… if they take my advice and don’t like it, it’s now my fault.

@amic I know that situation. I wish I was brave enough to solder anything, I never can get it right 😔​

@amic Funny that they're willing to take it to places like Geek Squad where they really don't do anything or possibly even know what they're doing, but they look at you suspiciously when you actually know what you're doing, even when they know you!

Bad experiences have been few and far between, but they've been there. I kind of read the person as best I can to get an idea whether it's worth it or not.

@amic Yes. I've learned to say "we don't have that at work, so you'll have to ask someone that deals with that". It tells them that someone else (that they pay) will be more likely to satisfy them.

@amic @tootbrute @lnxw48a1 my boss at work today: "Does anyone know how to use Excel?"

…no one says anything… 😂

Excel? What's that? Never heard of it.

@kai @amic @lnxw48a1 this is the correct answer. Don't be the idiot who volunteers. Then you get all the shit jobs dumped on your lap

@amic only person I hello is my mom and sister.

Even then I'm 'educating' them about the GAFAM the whole way

@amic Also never even look at the device in question.

Even giving advice is a bad idea sometimes.

@amic the older amongst us have known this pitfall with PCs, laptops, and cars before that.
@amic This is why I prefer to have people to do their shit and just help them with some explaination instead.


Ok, but If I follow this tip and my life suddenly takes a turn for the worse, I know who to blame!!!

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