@amic We're more alike than you realize. I asked for six weeks off, partly so I could make progress on the learning front. Halfway through, I'm just starting to set up an environment for it.

@bthall @lnxw48a1 Not sure what Walt is trying to learn, but right now some of my main goals are trying to get better at electronics repair and get back into programming.

Cool! What sort of stuff would you like to do with programming? I'm studying it for data analysis, exploring statistics, and building tools.

@bthall @lnxw48a1 Mainly backend web development, it's something I haven't done much of. I used to do a lot of frontend stuff in 2017 and before that I worked on some Windows software in C#.

Cool. :) What backend stuff do you think you'll use? I'm likely going to use #Python and #Django, start out by running that at #PythonAnywhere, and then annoy Walt with questions about using #Linode. :)

@bthall @lnxw48a1 Hoping to get back into using node and express, I've also been looking into luvit. luvit.io

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