To be a SysAdmin all you gotta do is this:

- Read the documentation
- Yell "FUCK" at computer
- Copy and paste

I've been doing this for over three years trust me.

@ida become a techbro that uses reddit daily to talk about how he's a skeptic and wants those gosh darn sjws out of gaming

@amic i would sooner die then go back to that life, ive tasted it once and i want to shoot 13 year old techbro me in the fucking face

Oh man
This is 13 year old me too
Is there a like
Edgy techbro to mogai pipeline?

@cant_into fukin probably i know tons of people who are the same, most of them are like super communist now too

@amic SysAdmin for ~10 years, can confirm, job involves lots of swearing.

@amic Advanced sysadmins start learning other languages, just so they can swear at the computer in the native language of whoever developed the stupid piece of crap software they're trying to get working.

@amic step two is VERY important and I cannot stress this enough


100% accurate... although frequently.. I'm copying and pasting from documentation I wrote these days..

@lanodan @amic
- Read the documentation
- Yell "FUCK" at computer
- Copy and paste

@amic overall, it's a well paid job, just for googling and yelling *FUCK*

@amic Swapping in "SHIT" every few times is pretty effective too!

@amic You forgot "read and understand logs", and "search on internet (not only the web)". Otherwise, I agree.

Oh, and don't think everybody can do it (without serious training at least). Trust me too.

@amic You forgot
- Reading logs and tpcdump/strace outputs
- Spend time on IRC
- Reporting bugs for Free (as in freedom of speech) Software

@amic I'm 30 years in and the quality of documentation continues to decline. Also in the early days we didn't have copy and paste either. The rest hasn't changed much.

@amic Well mostly the same but I repeat after "FUCK" and never copy and paste nowadays. Good for own discipline and understanding.

- Discover that the documentation is full of lies and probably written by people who despise the very concept of joy
- Yell “FUCK” some more

sexism, ableism, other 4chan stuff 

@amic "when in doubt, install adobe reader":

And if you're not the sole admin for the system...

@amic RTFM, Swear, FTFM, submit pull request, copy and paste.

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