my new video format based on SNES emulation has some pros and cons.


plays on an SNES

reference encoding features magical girls instead of big chungus 3D

innovative use of HDMA technique for audio streaming

breaks all emulators except bsnes derivatives

dynamic framerate


SNES emulation required to play on anything not an SNES

only mono 8-bit 32khz audio is supported

only 512 total colors are supported, 16 colors per tile max

@kaniini sound doesn't work, shuts down after a loud click immediately.

Snes9x 1.57 plays it for a few seconds before it dies out.

mednafen 1.22.0 (unstable) works with snes target with only some clicking where I assume data is being loaded? The core is based on older bsnes version in any case. There is a degree of slowdown though. mednafen's snes_faust core which sacrifices accuracy for performance won't even boot it.

yeah, most emulators do not approve of using HDMAs in the way i am using them :D
@kaniini @roka on console there was some popping at the start but it cleared up and then sounded fine
@karen @roka i think that NTSC-J requires some tweaks to the strategy used to keep the DSP buffered

@kaniini @karen @roka once I get a proper PSU for my American SNES again and a flash cart that isn't broken I'll try it on both and will give my results.

I'm wondering how it'll play on my SNS-CPU-1CHIP-01.

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