AERC Recycling Solutions are selling ThinkPad T440s machines for around $175 shipped. They don't come with a power adapter or SSD/HDD though.

Most come with a 1080P IPS Touch Screen, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and an Intel Core i7 4600U. Not a bad deal at all.

@sullybiker Yeah! I paid $175 for a machine with similar specs from a different seller and they cancelled the order and relisted it for a higher price so I was more than happy to buy from someone else who is selling even better machines for the same price. The original machine I bought would of needed a new screen to replace the TN one that most ThinkPads come standard with.

@amic Many years back a school I used to work at sold them on (once they sorted out the disposal b in many ureaucracy). There were many good deals to be had, with similar configuration: No power or drive. I think no battery in many cases.

still, $50-80 on eBay and you're good to go.

@amic I think you can put a 500 series keyboard on those too to get the touchpad buttons back
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