would you use Windows XP in 2019 vote now

@amic no because it recently lost steam support

@lp0 oke. I'll send you a new XP install disk in return for your SSN and a copy of your ID though haha,

@amic On a non-networked machine? Absolutely.

On a networked secondary-use personal machine with the POSReady value set in the registry? OK, but only until April 9.

On a networked secondary-use work machine with a maintenance contract? Only if I don't have any other option, because from what I've heard, that shit's so expensive it makes replacing XP look a lot more viable.

Networked and past April 9 for personal use, outside of a maintenance contract for work, or for primary use? Hell no.

@amic If you're paying enough, I'll use whatever OS you insist on.

@amic currently using it for cyber security reasons, it's easy to kernel-debug.

@amic As long as it was not exposed to the Internet or sharing any files with an externally-connected device, sure. In many ways, with SP2 and SP3 is Microsoft's best product ever.

@amic Yes because it's still not as shit as Windows 10.But I prefer Linux everywhere where it's possible.

@amic I'd only use XP for long enough to rip the media assets and shoehorn them into wine/reactos to make it more bearable

trebuchet ms was an ok font

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