I for one do not want Tumblr's illegal content on fedi I like not having a 15 year old girl's boobs on my TL thank


@Elizafox yeah I did NOT realized that was why tumblr was nuking people I feel dumb now

@amic @Elizafox It's worse: with the bad content, Tumblr is also gagging and censoring perfectly wholesome content, whilst continuing to allow TERFs, nazis, and racists.

@aeveltstra @amic Bit like using a piledriver to pound in a nail for a small picture

Leave it to @Elizafox to find an apt metaphor considering the issue at hand :blobcheeky:

I wonder if they will survive the inevitable period of comically inept algorithmic content filtering that is to come, and if they will realise #FemalePresentingNipples aren't the actual problem before it is too late?

@aeveltstra @amic

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