As I've never done a I will do one. Yes. After all this time on fedi...

I'm Ami. I mainly do system administration stuff but dabble in fullstack web development on the side. I currently reside in Arkansas, "The Natural State". I usually go by ami, amic, amicole, or some other version of that online.

I run and I'm the main admin. We're pretty relaxed and easygoing here so feel free to join if you want!

anyway, thanks for reading!


@amic hi how do you choose an instance? Is there like a local server feed and a global feed at the same time or something??

I really like the name btw — i’m already @pengolod and @pengolod ... which is definitely not what you’re supposed to do methinks

@pengolod no matter what instance you're on you can interact with any user on any other. you can have both a local feed and a global feed (federated timeline). So no matter what instance you're on, you can interact with people on other instances! Works a bit like email if you think about it

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