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As I've never done a I will do one. Yes. After all this time on fedi...

I'm Ami. I mainly do system administration stuff but dabble in fullstack web development on the side. I currently reside in Arkansas, "The Natural State". I usually go by ami, amic, amicole, or some other version of that online.

I run and I'm the main admin. We're pretty relaxed and easygoing here so feel free to join if you want!

anyway, thanks for reading!


you're getting your 12th Daily Duck December post super fucking early this morning so that i dont accidentally sleep through the entire day and miss it ok cool thanks

In season 6 of Rye actually returns, she wasn't dead after all.

Rye dies in season 5 of silly

M O M S A I D I T ' S M Y T U R N T O P L A Y T H E X B O X

tfw you have to open up a support ticket to get the source code for an opensource distro

Goodnight. I love this boy... wanna hug him..... good boy... yes,


Oh gosh. I now want to make the most overkill ThinkPad T420s ever.

If you made an ActivityPub server, what would you name it? Asking for obvious reasons.

I should stream more but I don't like my voice, but I doubt most people give a shit really.

half-life bugged out on me and I gotta do some work so short stream. was fun though

i have arrived at i am terrified

I am bored, it's 6:30 AM, and I am deciding to play Half-Life while shitposting in a voice call.

someone who uses smuglo asked a friend of theirs to ask me if I block smuglo and I'm not sure why. weird situation.

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