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what if I made walmart spark pride pins

"what if you don't do tha-"



I am going to do that

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Hi! I made a Liberapay page to help with hosting and other stuff. If you'd like to help me out financially feel free to do so here! Obviously not required, but is appreciated.

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As I've never done a I will do one. Yes. After all this time on fedi...

I'm Ami. I mainly do system administration stuff but dabble in fullstack web development on the side. I currently reside in Arkansas, "The Natural State". I usually go by ami, amic, amicole, or some other version of that online.

I run and I'm the main admin. We're pretty relaxed and easygoing here so feel free to join if you want!

anyway, thanks for reading!


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instance admins will never ask for your password for any reason.

I am not your instance admin


Lenovo: This man is screaming on the computer as that shows that he is truly a power user. Hell yeah.

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@amic more this goddamn website is sponsored by Stanley Milgram, I'm sick of getting logged out randomly

Hey Guys. What is up, Generic White Boy Tech YouTuber #2045 here, today we're going to be looking at this awesome new product. This video is sponsored by SkillShare.

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trans flag decal for my laptop so I can get weird looks in public when

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you can get ThinkPads with Ryzen CPUs, wao

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what the heck lenovo makes modern ThinkPads in other colors besides black now?

shout out to vwestlife for having videos that I can actually watch on my shit internet connection

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afasfkjhs I want to play minecraft but I'm not sure if my T440s will run it decently and I have my desktop listed on craigslist

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ah yes valves premier game engine, golden source

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