has been updated to misskey 11.36.0! sorry for the massive delay in updating, after past breakages when running another misskey instance, i was a bit shy to actually do an update for a while but this one seems to have gone perfectly!
there was a rogue docker process and oragono will not start anymore...

ill look into it more later tonight but for now,'s irc server will be down. and should work without issues now. i have to go again. is down because ???

I'll look at it after I drive home....sorry for being busy today =((

altavista: searches for shit
altavoxa: loses shit randomly

re: hey admins is back, let me know if you have any issues!

database restore is now running on the new host

this may take over an hour...

i did this suddenly because 1) i feel like shit and want to die because im depressed so blehhhh wanna get it over with and 2) we've been having power outages and more weather is coming, so i should get this over with so it doesnt keep going down like it does like every fucking week

ughh i was in too sad of a mood to tell anyone im working on the migration for again

I'm not going to do the migration tonight I guess

it's having database errors, I don't wanna work on it anymore, and it's been down long enough. maybe I'll move it tomorrow or something.

changed the DNS records to point to the old ip and it's running again. if you have any issues connecting, mess with DNS cache I guess. it should propagate soon regardless.

i have a feeling that the public.activities_visibility_index thing is quite large

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