Before lunch: I'm going to stay awake and look up info on MMOs during my lunch today!

During lunch: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I made the mistake of looking into the new hype about Ashes of Creation. I remember that Kickstarter years ago and thought it was an amazing idea, but assumed it died because it's an MMO and it's 2020.

Now I'm excited because it's still going, and it doesn't seem like they've really cut anything big out. The issue is they're only just starting alpha at the end of this year, which means probably the EARLIEST it would release is late next year. The last time I got hyped like this before a release was Wildstar, but that was only a couple months before release. It drained all my time because I became obsessed with consuming information about it, so I'm hoping I can break off and stop thinking about AoC before that happens.

When playing a survival game with friends and one person plays more than the others, there's a fine line between doing extra stuff so others don't have to worry about it and doing stuff so the others basically skip actually playing the game.

It's really difficult to suggest a game when someone just gives a big mainstream game as an example because I never know what they like about it. Skyrim is the worst because it's just like...What are you looking for in a new game to play? RPG elements? Does it have to be first person? Fantasy setting? Adventure? Action? How much story?

There's just so many things that different people consider good things about Skyrim while other people consider those same things terrible.

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Random person: "I'm looking for a new game to play"

Awesome, I love suggesting new games to people based on what they like!

Random person: "something like Skyrim or Fallout, but I haven't put so much time into. Maybe a Skyrim knockoff?"


It's so frustrating when I suggest an anime that I think is really great like Steins;Gate or Future Diary to people and they just completely blow it off because "I don't watch anime". But then those same people will immediately jump on shows that are suggested to them like The Office or Supernatural with a ton of seasons.

I'm not knocking those kinds of shows, I even enjoy a few. It's just like...give me 24 episodes worth of your time! At least TRY one of my suggestions, I'm not suggesting garbage to you, here.

My job has us fill out sheets to keep track of who we interact with on our shifts so they can trace contact in case anyone gets covid. It's a good thing they're doing, but has a fatal flaw. They expect me to know the names of my coworkers.

Just finished the Steins;Gate VN and I'm left with the same feeling I had when I finished the anime awhile ago. I ended up getting all the achievements because I wanted to see everything I could. I might just watch through the anime again because I don't know what to do now.

Overheard a coworker complaining that we're not having a work lunch cookout because of covid and I actually forgot that was a thing that would've happened. I've been here for 3 years now (I think?) and I'm still not used to a company actually giving me food for free because it's a holiday.

Siege teammate: "Nice patience on waiting for that guy to stop moving before popping up to shoot him."

Haha. Yes. Patience. Not slow reaction time. It was patience.

The PoE subreddit is an absolute dumpster fire but I'm so bored at work that I keep going back to it.

I think the most annoying thing is seeing people saying "This is the worst league PoE has EVER had!" when they've only been playing for less than three leagues. It's just like chill out my dude, you weren't even here for Synthesis, which was an absolute train wreck compared to this league.

When I have to force myself to go to sleep when I'm not tired, I sometimes get a gentle reminder of why I hate doing that when a nightmare jolts me out of the small amount of sleep I was trying to get. Makes me wonder if I should've just not slept.

There's a guy in a Discord server I'm in that types out people's full usernames when he's talking to them. He's a bit older so I kind of wonder if he thinks that typing out the full name without an @ is how you tag someone...

Wearing a mask every day is probably the first thing that has made me consider shaving more than once a month.


Having peak decision paralysis because I decided to not continue Terraria but I still need something to do for 2 weeks before PoE league starts.

I have two weeks until new PoE league. I don't know whether to keep going with Terraria or start something else. I don't know if I'm willing to put forth the effort to solo Moon Lord, which I have to do if I want one of the achievements I still need. And if I don't do that, then there's no point in continuing currently. But I don't know what else to play, either.

My favorite part about KH is I can bullshit anything and people will second guess if I'm serious. We were talking about MGS and how it's ridiculously convoluted like KH, and my friend was joking MGS was better because it has a half naked sniper and my response was "Well so does KH. You didn't know? Like 3/4ths through Dream Drop Distance a scantily clad sniper lady shows up. You can't really look her up though because she has a bunch of weird symbols in her name."

The pause after was great.

The people that are bitching and posting ON TWITTER about how Twitter is "stifling free speech" are the same people that say "Love it or leave it!" whenever someone criticizes the US while living in the US.

To be clear I'm fine with going back to work, but the changes they made are giving me anxiety. I hate change and they are making us wear masks and change what we normally do for social distancing. Which is really good and I'm happy they care enough to actually try, but it's going to stress me the hell out for a week probably.

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