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Please add me pals

Xbox Live: OceanMew

Nintendo Switch Online: SW-5599-4209-9777

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So Happy that John Pizza invented pizza because I'm eating pizza right now

There is something very pleasing about my Animal Crossing villagers knowing my irl friends names and towns and lil tidbits about them
There is something very comfy about playing Animal Crossing late at night alone and then they mention one of your dear pals~

Animal Crossing is just missing a hug button

Time to chew some vegan "chicken" nuggets bb

Before the outbreak everyone laughed at me for washing my cans before drinking out of them


me when everyone gets time off work but I still have to work

We have a new best villager
Potential to be an all time favorite
This sheep is gonna MAKE this game for me

Imma show her Urusei Yatsura

The three game genres are:
Pew em up
Punch em up
And Animal Crossing

Now that we can send letters over the internet in Animal Crossing, how long before email and all modern messaging programs are completely abandoned in favor of the Animal Crossing mail system

Why do they call them Fire Hydrants if they aren't filled with fire but water, it's like the opposite of what they are advertising

Where is my garlic flavored milkshake

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I got a visit from @Ocean! My first visitor :blobaww:

They helped me plant some peaches and other fruit trees uwu

@amic you are never gonna belive it but adam nicetech reviewed the xbox 720 today

Being able to play Koi Koi in Yakuza 0 is amazing
being able to play Koi Koi on a video game console is amazing

It's craze to think that the Grand Theft Auto series just skipped an entire generation this go around

We should start paying people for their posts to fedi

Paying them by mailing them Pizza Hut Gift Cards

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