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Please add me pals

Xbox Live: OceanMew

Nintendo Switch Online: SW-5599-4209-9777

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good tips in this thing. helped me move out of Arkansas.

Sleep is very tiring, so after a long nights sleep I need a nap to rest for a while

Bored, but I don't wanna do anything~

About to take some antibiotics ama

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I'm buying 50 cartons of 2% milk to make my ultimate creation, 100% milk.
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One time me and @esheep go to a restaurant, they bring me the spaghetti, delicious, then they had over sheep's food "here is your salad" and it's just a bowl of grass clippings because sheep is a sheep wow fir a little vroom game

I've noticed this glitch with mastodon where it won't display GIFs for some reason, happening on both Mastodon instances I'm on

Nulled Red still doesn't have the Xbox 720 logo
Wow for shame

I tried to play some Pokemon today but I ended up falling asleep while playing it and I pressed the home menu button on the switch and then had a widdle nap

Pokemon Sword is weird, it feels like all the upgrades from Sun and Moon are gone, as if it was made by an entirely different team

You guys can vote for whichever Smash game you like the most, but we all know at the end of the day that Brawl is the best one

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The Miiverse was the best place on the internet then Nintendo had to ruin it

Water is my favorite pizza topping, I just pour a bottle of water ontop the pizza

>watch new Pokemon direct
>they didn't add Wooloo's Wooly Pinball

my heart is broken into a million pieces

A remake of the first Mystery Dungeon game is very cool though, if any of you guys have not played Blue or Red Rescue team I highly recommend playing this new remake of it (or the old one if you have it) it's a great game

If they made a Konosuba RPG, I think it'd sell well and be pretty fun

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