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And so the war begins

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Lowkey kinda sad that neither the PS5 or Xbox Series X gamepads have more buttons

Modern console games are seriously struggling on current pads because there are simply not enough buttons to control them

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Everyone having internet:

Expectation: This will usher in a new era of enlightenment for humanity. Education and communication will be changed forever

Realty: Some reality TV star from 2006 can now convince 200,000+ people that the Earth is flat and there is actually a real movement around this of people who believe it and aren't joking

The dread that must wash over esheep when sheep is watching me play Elder Scrolls and I find a book in a dungeon and read the entire book before continuing to play the game

New Mew XL Starmew Valley is pretty fun guys
I made it to level 10 in the dungeon and I got two lil pet chickens and I even got a furnace to smelt ore in and and

Wanna stream game but idk what game this is the suffering I must endure

I really hope those Bandai bois make Code Vein 2

Really tho there is something very comforting about having a friends list on a games platform that shows what your friends are doing

That has always just brought me this comfort, like "Yeah my buddies are having fun :3"

I had some vodka today and it was disgusting 0/10

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My idea for an all catgirl idol group

Name: Mew Mew Miracle


Ultimo Mew Mew - she loves speed and songs with energy and hype, likes guitar and saxophone solos

Moe Mew Mew - she loves pink and cute things, always singing love songs and wearing cute outfits

Gothic Mew Mew - loves darkness and moody songs, always wearing black and tons of eyeliner, she's super cool and she knows it

Isabelle Mew Mew - She is a normal girll but she is a Catgirl otaku and wants to sing alongside her beloved catgirl friends
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I'm like 32 hours into AssCreed Odd Assy edition

It's a h**cking good game guys~

It's a lil buggy but never in a gamebreaking way
It's got a few questionable design decisions

But overall I'm really enjoying it so far! The map is massive, I've still only explored like Half of it
It's like ~260km²
T h i c c !!!

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Do real gaymers prefer red or white wine
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