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Please add me pals

Xbox Live: OceanMew

Nintendo Switch Online: SW-5599-4209-9777

Alright guys car posting is done after this, this car can't be topped

This is the very peak of the food chain

What do you guys think this awesome car I got OwO

It's based off one of the ending animations of Urusei Yatsura~
Cosmic Cycling!!!

Ok so when are we getting a 2160p release of Akira

I'm so excited for the new Animal Crossing, I can't wait to play it

Here is a pic of me and @Shiroyasha after we beat Minecraft for the first time

Please add me pals

Xbox Live: OceanMew

Nintendo Switch Online: SW-5599-4209-9777

Embarassing fact about me:

I confused to Chinese region of Haiwan with "Hawaiian" for nearly a year

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Your "Gaming mouse" has no power here!!!!!!!

Chuggin down some La Croix while I talk to my senpai

New video game idea:

Dog hopper
It's a game where you hop over dogs
Like you gotta jump over the dogs

If Nintendo made a cell phone, you wouldn't be able to make calls on it

There would be online outrage at first and people would be upset

It'd sell like crazy anyways though and it'd be the best selling phone of all time

Then maybe 3 years later Nintendo would add the ability to send voice clips to other friends but still no phone calls

I'd buy one

My life goal is sleeping in a collection of my tax papers
Just a big pile of all my tax papers thoughout the years and I sleep on them

Ok the real one though

Tired: Games

Wired: Gaymes

I really love the Lego games, I just wish they would do one about a franchise I like

Finally I have a day off work
Now the massive mews can begin

Lets just go back to 1986 this weekend and watch Urusei Yatsura on television and hang out

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