It's been more than one year since I drove a car :blobsweats:

And I need to do it soon :blobsweats: :blobsweats:

Ah, I can no longer use admin UI of because I migrated lol

Sorry, I'm ddosing you a bit

Ah รงa ira, รงa ira, รงa ira~

Okay so maybe it's the time to migrate from old miaourt to new miaourt now that is updated uwu

Seems that is up, with :
Debian 9 -> 10
Caddy v1 -> v2

For a "Minecraft clone" they could aleast tried to look like Minecraft, and feel lie it (even if texture are proprietary ofc)

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Why does Minetest still look like garbage after all thoses years

Oh yes, another "I bought minecraft first" thread :blobthinkingsmirk:

Reminder that I hacked Notch's brain in 2009 and had minecraft before everyone else

zcat-ing a .sql.gz backup into your database feel magical

Even my tiny disk can fit it :blobcatgoogly:

So, as a reminder there, I'm currently in a big maintenance task on , that why it's down

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Anyway, the MicroG maintainer is apparently alive and will be going back to maintaining MicroG, and is also coincidentally the maintainer for Dino (the XMPP client), which I did not know:

I'm the only one suffering a lot with image on nulled red ? (Jortage / Digitalocean going mad ?)

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