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Covid - demande aide pour infirmière 

Ok fuck helios 4

I hate non mainlined cpus

Time to build the raid with snapraid and ext4, btrfs without latest kernel seems to be silly

Pol fr 

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Tu as remarqué, tout le pays tient encore debout grâce à des gens payés au smic pendant que les costumes cravates leur disent quoi faire avant de mourir.

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Yes I don't know why Rust remind me of Java

Maybe heavy boilerplate-ish syntax that is somehow hard to understand at first

If I had to choose a Java-like heavy duty language that can do everything that would be Rust maybe, you get the comf of gc langs without gc, I guess it's something.

Scripting... Still hard, Javascript is frikin cool because browser and mobile support (truly the "client" language) yet it lack many stuff imho

Making many functions to do basic stuff was somehow...


I think I enjoyed more "programming" with C rather than JS, but I guess that was mostly because I was discovering and my goals weren't big

Today if you want to be fast at creating something it's hard to not have sugar heavy langs if you want to getshitdone ;-;

Been so long already I havent touched "low level" langages smh

Zig I want u but u lack editor support or tiny tutorials to get everything right

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Ok we back ❤️

Database upgraded to postgresql 12, and it's size went from 82GB to 64GB :blobcatnomcookie:

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