didn't the compass used to be 1 texture, with the needle programmatically applied?

was that Too Long Ago?

@Kat I absolutely agree. I think the reason people feel that life only gets harder out of school is because we don't spend enough time helping people figure out any of their shit while they're /in/ school.

Life could be so much easier if we put in a little bit more effort to be good to each other, and to help the next generation get on on their feet.

school sucks! school absolutely sucks a ton. getting out of school helped my mental health literally immediately.

highschool is stressful and restrictive
college is stressful and like, honestly, even harder than high school, in some cases.

saying "it only gets worse" literally helps nobody. stop being selfish. we should make our young look *forward* to the future, not fear it.

hey can we stop doing the thing where we say life "only gets harder out of school"

whether or not it's true doesn't matter, it's just incredibly harmful to hear this when you're already struggling with the soulcrushing day-to-day school culture that currently exists

hey minecraft? why the fuck are there 31 compass textures?

getting some minor stuff done with gumobtainium, finally.

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what the heck the favorite button is a heart in nulled.bed

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