spoilers (just shapes and beats) 

A lot of Slo Mo Guys shots exude some sort of stock photo energy given the professionalism in said shots, but this ooc 'cap particularly exudes so much of that in a certain way.

me in 2019: gentoo looks hard... i don't want to use it...

me in 2020: i don't want anything else anymore

hey artist peeps: is it good to learn the fundamentals for drawing before going all on your own style or going all in? i feel like i should learn the basics before i start drawing the shit i wanna draw -w-

Why do I have 9GBs worth of Zabivaka doing Pen Pineapple Apple Pen

UKpol stuff / tech / thread i guess 

EE over in the UK made an advert focused around a live AR concert with 5G and I'm more focused on these qt monsters

Anyone with Discord & KDE Plasma, try dragging and dropping a file from Dolphin into the client. Does it let you now?

It does for me...

So I tried to install Gentoo in an AI Dungeon session.

Good news: I installed it immediately.
Bad news: I don't have ls for some reason.

i didn't think i'd like krewella's new album but it's pretty good tbh

it's no get wet but it's not trying to be

also i got windows xp installed in a VM because i like nostalgia sometimes

Think my brain wants me to check out Infinity Train...

Once had a dream where I was zooming past a train and I was floating by the entrance to it. Mr. Energizer was there at the entrance. Dunno why tho.

had a dream where i managed to get my old twitter alt unlocked... hm.

there's a lot of weeby pleroma instances and furry mastodon instances i've seen

oddly enough, during eurovision last year, i was swooning over cute sentient arcade machines.

then a song called "arcade" won the contest.

last week, i had mr energizer (the battery mascot i like) on my mind, cue the obvious battery bulge jokes

then it turns out i found my old-ass iphone. the battery bulged enough to make the screen pop out. yeeted that motherfucker as soon as i could.

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