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@Flaky they're playing the long troll by counting in balanced base-5

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@Flaky Neat trick, nice! 🙂 Gotta outsmart those new OSes, in order to make them work properly

Managed to install it though! Hooked up the drive to its own VM using VMware, did the first phase of the install in the VM and then doing the post-reboot phase on bare metal.

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Try to install Windows 10 on its OWN DRIVE, and it has a fucking hissy fit because of either the Linux boot partitions or the existing Windows install and I don't want to yeet yet.

Anyone in the Linux community: I wanna know what's a good replacement for MusicBee.

Honestly, it's the only thing besides video games that's keeping me from going Linux full-time.

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sudo mount -o loop diskimage.img mountpoint # If you have a full image copy of a disk (floppy, hard drive, thumb drive, CD-ROM iso, etc), you can virtually mount that disk image file under Linux using a loopback driver so you can examine/modify the contents.

bet ami is gonna be like "for fucks sake flaky" seeing my energizer toots


Energizer has a mascot that has become both a hunk and a twink in his lifetime and I'm all for it.

tw: mentions of suicide (music) 

dunno what you guys think of billie eilish but this is a good track tbh


My brain mixed up Compiz and Neovim. How did it do that

discord isn't sending my messages. is it my isp or discord being ass

been playing some old dance dance revolution games lately and

god this robot is so cute!

has anyone at KDE gotten sick of GNOME/GTK's shit lately?

iirc GTK3 CSD apps took a while to get proper shadows... and then something they did breaks XInput2 compatibility between KDE and GTK3 apps...

covid-19 / charity 

Considering donating to Samaritans, right now.

I've been having the worst few fucking days of my life and at times it feels like it's not worth getting through these weeks and going for the light at the end of the tunnel.

When I was particularly bad I had called them and they managed to help me calm down, so I want to repay them in a way.

had to move back to MATE from KDE because of a bug in GTK3 that GNOME won't fix (they're literally telling people to deal with it or move to Wayland) and KDE is having trouble dealing with.

I'm glad someone decided that the GNOME 2 code deserved to continue.

well i can't get into my house with you in front of the door

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