covid-19 / charity 

had to move back to MATE from KDE because of a bug in GTK3 that GNOME won't fix (they're literally telling people to deal with it or move to Wayland) and KDE is having trouble dealing with.

I'm glad someone decided that the GNOME 2 code deserved to continue.

well i can't get into my house with you in front of the door

Just had the weirdest bug recently.

For some reason, despite having over 200GB free and not having its inodes used up, it kept reporting that 100% of the drive was used up - saying that it was caused by something in my /home folder.

I checked - nothing out of the ordinary... Two restarts, one where I changed my fstab settings for an external drive and now it's back to normal. What?

i need to get the gtk desktop portal thing set up so i can get kde dialogs on some gtk apps

My pockets are full of tarantulas.

COVID-19 / mental health

shirobon and GFOTY were two names i didn't expect to be together ngl

covid-19, angry whining (2) 

covid-19, angry whining 

Is it just me or can I not see images on nulled?

steven universe future spoilers 

apparently new over-the-air TV standards will allow for personalised ads

can't wait to go to america and get mr energizer ads... oh wait, you guys have the inferior bunny mascot don'tcha?

also I ended up doing a MATE+Compiz setup on my Gentoo install.

I love that old crusty compositor too much to let go.

had a dream where i was back at school but the school was in japan and apparently i was well liked there

brain calm down i don't even love myself that much irl

in case you want twilight sparkle or fluttershy or glados or whomstever to say whatever you want

From what I can find, Vega and later absolutely needs it, but anything before that doesn't?

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