Kind of a rough weekend, but here is hoping this new week is better!

I scheduled an appointment, but they can't see me for two weeks because they are booked up. If it's worse tomorrow, I'll probably see if I can go elsewhere.

One of my eyes is _really_ red today, it's a little spooky. I went to the doctors and they seem to think I should see an optometrist, but that it's nothing like pinkeye or anything like that. I hope it's nothing seriously bad! :blob_dizzy_face:

Ugh, work is dragging on forever today :blob_cry:

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VERY happy it's Friday - ready to be out of a job for two days~

Oh well, I guess there is always tomorrow.

Well, I spent all day doing everything aside from what I planned on getting done at work. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

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Time to go for a run so I can say I did something good today haha~

What do - maybe I'll grab a sandwich or something to get dinner out of the way. :?

I can't believe I missed the bus - what a dork! NOW I GET TO BE COLD FOR 30 MINUTES! :blobcatblue:

Good Morning!~

I have no sleep, but cannot be tired :blobcatcoffee:

(Also, thanks for having me,!) :blobcatheart:

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