Reminder that this account dies in about 2 days when this instance dies. Im gonna be moving to @6a62

shipments of ps5's and rtx 3000 gpus being stolen, this is like amiibo all over again lol

bought doom 64 again, now I can play the nintendo boomer shooter on a nintendo console like god intended

@Miaourt Hihi, is there any chance I could get an invite to raru re?

The only benchmarks that matter, power usage for spelunky and installing dark souls 2 from disc, thank you arstechnica

can we domesticate foxes already i want a pet fox

oooo radeon 6000 reviews out 👀

kiwami 2 rubbish 


i just spent like an hour on this one golf minigame please help me

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kiwami 2 rubbish 

i enjoy golf games tbqh

i do not enjoy golf games when they require literal perfection, go fuck yourself whoever thought this was a good idea

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